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Hygiene monitoring is not just a regulatory requirement, it’s a commitment to the well-being of our environment and those within it. Essential sectors such as healthcare, food production, and hospitality rely on rigorous hygiene practices to prevent the spread of infections and ensure product safety. 

We offer a complete line of products assessing:

  • Cleanliness in both surfaces and water samples, via our ATP-monitoring systems and our COVID-19 surface test
  • Pathogen Contamination with the use of Compact Dry nd Tetracycline residues, with its ELISA and Lateral Flow testing solutions



ProGnosis Biotech’s advanced ATP Surface and Water Testing Series, called ATP Flow, is the answer to proper hygiene monitoring and cleanliness verification.

ATP serves as a reliable indicator of microbial presence or residues that may foster their growth. The testing process involves collecting samples from surfaces or water sources and utilizing a luciferin-luciferase enzyme system to react with ATP. Our PhosReader Luminometer quantifies the light emission, presenting results in Relative Light Units (RLU), offering real-time insights into the contamination level within seconds.

ATP-FLOW SURFACE and ATP-FLOW TOTAL play a pivotal role in maintaining stringent cleanliness standards. Proactively ensuring a hygienic environment, they empower organizations to take corrective measures promptly, preventing healthcare-associated infections and safeguarding consumers from foodborne illnesses.

Trust ProGnosis Biotech’s ATP Flow Series for efficient, real-time hygiene monitoring, and elevate your commitment to cleanliness and safety.




Airborne viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, can contaminate various objects and surfaces. COVID-19 can be transmitted when a healthy person touches contaminated food or surfaces and then shortly afterwards, touches their eyes, mouth or nose.

The Rapid Surface Ag 2019-nCov from ProGnosis Biotech allows companies to proactively monitor and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within their facilities, thus elevating their hygiene protocols. It also allows schools and healthcare facilities to ensure the overall safety and well-being of their inhabitants, visitors, and staff. Implementing stringent safety measures, not only fosters a secure environment, but also contributes to the efficient functioning of these institutions.

Take a decisive step towards a safer future with the help of ProGnosis Biotech and keep all surfaces clean with COVID-19 surface testing.

COMPACT DRY ________


Microorganisms can contaminate food during various stages of production, processing, and distribution. Managing them is a crucial step in preventing food spoilage and outbreaks of foodborne diseases, while maintaining quality control standards and regulatory compliance.

In contrast to time consuming and outdated microbiology techniques, ready-to-use dehydrated selective chromogenic media, such as Compact Dry, represent a modern shift in pathogen detection. These media are pre-prepared and contain nutrients, selective agents, and indicators for the selective growth of microorganisms, fast and accurately. Perfect for testing raw materials, processed food products, drinks, ready meals, cosmetics and also surfaces. With Compact Dry’s convenient and efficient platform for microbial enumeration and identification, finding the total count of microbial species has never been easier.

The transition from classical microbiology to the advanced, ready-to-use Compact Dry media reflects a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use in microbial analysis.