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Authorization for Rapid Ag Self-Test

The Rapid Test Ag 2019-nCoV (Self-Test) has been granted a special authorization from the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) for use in Greece, with Ref No: 33853/ 09-04-2021.

The Rapid Ag Self-Test of ProGnosis Biotech is a simple, accurate, and easy-to-use method using a minimally invasive nasal swab. The test shows high sensitivity and specificity and is confirmed to detect also the new dominant variants of SARS-CoV-2, known as the UK (B.1.1.7), South African (B.1.351) and Brazilian (P.1) variants.

Evaluation by the German Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

The evaluation of the German Paul-Ehrlich-Institut has been completed for our Rapid Test Ag 2019-nCov, which has been assessed as reflecting the current state of the art regarding its diagnostic sensitivity.

The evaluation aimed to compare different rapid Covid-19 antigen tests with using identical sample material. Among the laboratories that participated in this comparative evaluation were the Robert Koch-Institut, Charité (the reference laboratory for coronaviruses), and the Institute for Microbiology of the German Army (Bundeswehr).

To get the full report please contact:

Clinical Performance Evaluation of 𝗥𝗮𝗽𝗶𝗱 𝗧𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗔𝗴 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵-𝗻𝗖𝗼𝘃

The 𝗥𝗮𝗽𝗶𝗱 𝗧𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗔𝗴 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵-𝗻𝗖𝗼𝘃 demonstrated a sensitivity of 96.33% and specificity of 99.62% from an independent clinical trial performed at the Laboratory of Microbiology of the General University Hospital of Larissa, Greece. This is one of the major Reference Laboratories for SARS-CoV-2 testing in the country.

The trial was conducted during the period of December 2, 2020, until January 29, 2021, and for the evaluation 370 samples were used which had been confirmed with RT-PCR.

✉️ To obtain the full validation report for this clinical trial please contact:

Since the beginning, ProGnosis Biotech has established an advanced quality system that ensures the provision of high-quality products and services. Following the Total Quality Management approach (TQM), our priority is the continuous improvement of quality and performance in all the organizational functions, departments, and processes of the company.

ProGnosis Biotech is certified with the ISO 9001:2015, for the development, manufacturing & marketing of diagnostic and laboratory products. Our company has been also certified with the ISO 13485:2016, as recently entered the market of clinical diagnostics by launching test kits detecting the presence of COVID-19.

Donation of Rapid Antigen Tests to Healthcare

At ProGnosis Biotech we deeply appreciate the work of healthcare professionals, who have been working relentlessly since the beginning of the pandemic.

As a small contribution to their work, we have donated hundreds of Rapid Test Ag 2019-nCov to two major Greek hospitals (General University Hospital of Larissa and Papageorgiou General Hospital of Thessaloniki) and also to the 4th Health District of Macedonia and Thrace which allocated the tests to several healthcare units in its area of responsibility.

High Quality Standards
in Laboratory & Medical Devices

2019-nCoV Total Ig
demonstrated excellent
sensitivity & specificity

ProGnosis Biotech has recently developed three ELISA kits for the determination of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. These tests are a truly reliable diagnostic tool that determines individuals’ exposure to the virus providing comprehensive answers regarding infection rates and potential immunity. Our company’s antibody tests are demonstrating highly accurate results as proven by recent evaluation studies.

ProGnosis Biotech
against COVID19 (PART 2)

As the pandemic progress, we would like to announce our contribution to this fight:

3 recently developed ELISA products for the detection of COVID-19 antibodies

  • Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV IgG
  • Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV IgM
  • Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV Total Immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgM)

ProGnosis Biotech
against COVID19

As WHO has declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, we all are responsible for taking preventive measures to limit its spread. We are all responsible as well for helping our communities to tackle the problem by giving solutions or at least by trying to unite our efforts towards this direction. 

ProGnosis Biotech, the sole biotechnology company in Greece with prime focus on producing efficient rapid diagnostic tests for the identification of toxins, feels the duty to contribute to the worldwide efforts that have been made so far and does not want to be just an observer against this threat. Our solid scientific background and know-how in immunoassays (Elisa and Lateral Flow) will be used for the development of rapid methods for the detection of COVID-19. 

Our R&D department and everyone working in our company is dedicated to this higher goal of combating COVID-19 and we believe that it is the least we can do.

48th Indian Dairy Conference
Jaipur, India

The 48th Indian Dairy Conference took place in Jaipur on 20-22 February. Organized by the Indian Dairy Federation it is considered to be the biggest event of the industry in the country. The conference is a great platform for dissemination of knowledge and also an important tool for promoting new technologies and innovations that can benefit the Indian dairy sector.

WMF meets Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

Our company was a proud sponsor of the 12th World Mycotoxin Forum which took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The aim of the world’s largest mycotoxin event is to raise awareness of human and animal health risks due to mycotoxin contamination.

RAFA 2019

RAFA 2019
Prague, Czech Republic

ProGnosis Biotech was proud sponsor of the 9th International Symposium on recent advances in Food Analysis which took place in Prague from 5 to 8 November. In line with the concept of previous events, RAFA 2019 provided an overview of contemporary trends in analytical & bioanalytical strategies in food quality & control and discussed the challenges and novel approaches in food products analysis.

Cibus Tec
Parma, Italy

Cibus Tec is among the most innovative food technology exhibitions worldwide, covering many aspects of the food and beverage industries. Our company was present in the event and along with our partners in Italy, Sacco, presented to the attendants our unique methods that provide innovative food safety solutions to the food safety sector.

70th JTIC Fair
Lille, France

ProGnosis Biotech along with our partners in France participated in the JTIC 2019. Organized by AEMIC, the International Milling & Cereal Industries Meeting is intended for professionals in the grain industry. Our company was represented by the Managing Director, Mr. Antonios Ntantasios who presented our concrete solutions for mycotoxin analysis.

IFCN Regional Workshop
Bengaluru, India

In 15 & 16 October the IFCN Regional Workshop took place in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The event was focused on “Designing the future of the Indian Industry” and our exports manager Mr. Platon Chitzos had the pleasure to contribute to this discussion sharing our thoughts about the challenges that the Indian dairy sector is facing nowadays.


ProGnosis Biotech participated in the most popular conference focused on mycotoxins globally. This year’s event was a joint conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum and the IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins. Our C.O.O. Mr. Georgios Papapageorgiou and our Exports Executive Mr. Athanasios Garoufas represented our company, presenting to the participants our accurate & innovative methods for mycotoxin analysis.

IDF World Dairy Summit
Istanbul, Turkey

The prestigious event of the dairy industry took place from 23-26 September in Istanbul, Turkey. Our company participated with its Managing Director, Exports Manager and Export Executive who presented and explained the benefits that ProGnosis Biotech food safety methods provide to the dairy sector.

AOAC 2019 | Annual Meeting & Exposition
Denver, US

ProGnosis Biotech participated in AOAC INTERNATIONAL Annual Meeting in Denver, US (6-12 September).

The Co-founder and Managing Director of ProGnosis Biotech Mr. Antonios Ntantasios and the Co-founder & C.O.O Mr. Georgios Papageorgiou attended the event, presenting in the meeting’s posters session our company’s new methods and technologies regarding the detection and measurement of food natural toxins and food allergens.

Indian Dairy Times
June-July 2019

The June-July 2019 issue of the prestigious Indian “Dairy Times” magazine includes an advertisement of the Symmetric M1 1000 test kit on its back page. The product is designed to have a wide range of quantification and it’s adjusted to the Indian and Asian legislation limits for Aflatoxin M1 in milk.

Mycotoxins and Toxins in the Agri-Food Chain, Conference,

Dear Partners, we would like to inform you that ProGnosis Biotech is present in the 6th Italian National Conference on “Mycotoxins and Toxins in the Agri-Food Chain”, which is taking place in Rome (10-12 June).

Figan | Animal Production Show
Zaragosa, Spain

ProGnosis Biotech is participating in Figan, the International Animal Production Show in Zaragoza, Spain (19-22 March). Our company’s exports team will be present until the end of the event in order to discuss with professionals about innovations, developments and important issues of the industry.

Analytica 2019 Conference,

The Analytica 2019 conference, organized by AEOS, took place on 21/22 March in Rome. The conference is one of the most important events in Italy regarding the quality control of dairy products.

47th Indian Dairy Industry Conference

Dear Partners, we inform you that ProGnosis Biotech participated in the 47th Indian Dairy Industry Conference that was held in Patna, Bihar, on February 7th – February 9th.

47th IDIC

Validation of Lateral Flow Symmetric M1 & Elisa Bio-Shield M1 ES

ILVO validation has been successfully completed for aflatoxin M1. A great achievement for us since the final remarks of the validation are that both methods have higher accuracy than the confirmatory method (HPLC).

ProGnosis Biotech Validation by ILVO

2nd International Dairy & Dairy Products Industrial Conference

Dear partners, we would like to inform you that ProGnosis Biotech was present in 2nd International Dairy & Dairy Products Industrial Conference, taking place in Istanbul, Turkey on the 24th of October 2018. It is the most prestigious organization regarding milk and dairy products in Turkey, where evolutions in the dairy industry and technology are presented, and in September 2019 it will be co-organizing the IDF World Dairy Summit.

Prognosis Biotech in 2nd International Dairy & Dairy Products Industrial Conference in Istanbul

European Biotechnology Congress 2018
Athens, Greece

Dear partners, we would like to inform you that ProGnosis Biotech has been awarded the European Biotechnology Award, during the European Biotechnology Congress which took place in Athens 26-28th April 2018, for the innovative Rapid Goat test.

European Biotechnology Award 2018


IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2018

Dear partners, we would like to inform you that ProGnosis Biotech will be present in International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) and ISO Analytical Week, taking place in Dublin, Ireland in late April 2018. Annually the most prestigious organization regarding milk and dairy products, complementary to the IDF World Dairy Summit, selects venues where evolutions in the dairy industry and technology are presented.
Academia, industry, scientists, people associated to the dairy world will be present and ProGnosis will exhibit the revolutionary Symmetric series (Lateral-flow tests) for Aflatoxin M1 and Mycotoxins, a unique approach to Lateral-flow Technology.
Come and visit us in Stand No 19 and get acquainted with our team.
We expect you there!

IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2018


2nd AEOS-Ruminantia Convention

A few days ago, in Rome, during the 2nd AEOS-Ruminantia Convention, ProGnosis presented an augmented version of “Milk & Feed – Rapid Aflatoxin Analysis”.
As one of the four sponsors of the convention, ProGnosis had its own booth where it displayed its products and caught the attention of a number of visitors, Veterinary Services (Istituti Zooprofilattici), Parmalat, among others.

2nd AEOS-Ruminantia Convention 14-15/03/18


3rd Serbian Dairy Conference

The 3rd Serbian Dairy Conference, organized by the Serbian Dairy Association and Austrian Agricultural Cluster, took place on the 28th of November at the Holiday Inn Belgrade. People from different Austrian companies as well as the leading Serbian Dairy, Imlek, presented solutions in milk production and quality control.
ProGnosis was there, presenting the Symmetric M1 Lateral-flow test and discussing a matter which has been high in the agenda of the Serbian Ministry of Health: Aflatoxins in corn.

3rd Serbian Dairy Congress


Mycotoxins workshop in Croatia

On the 24th of October, ProGnosis Biotech and its partner in Croatia, Biomedica Gruppe, organized a workshop on Mycotoxins and testing methods in Zagreb, Croatia.
Laboratory technicians and Quality Assurance Analysts from the whole range of Croatian food industries attended the workshop. Registrations and attendance were higher than expected and comments were extremely positive, even by attendants who currently have experience on Mycotoxins.
Theory and practice: a long discussion on statistics and terms was followed by live experiments in ELISA and Lateral-flow form.
Next stop in Rome in March! Ruminantia 2018!

Mycotoxins workshop