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Rapid Antigen

Self Test for Covid-19

- Simple, accurate, and easy-to-use method
- Convenient sampling, using a minimally invasive nasal swab
- High sensitivity (98.59%) & specificity (99.74%)
- Enabling frequent coronavirus testing



Prevent the virus from spreading!

Rapid Antigen

Test for Covid-19

- Enabling prompt clinical & medical decisions
- High sensitivity (96.33%) & specificity (99.62%)
- Patient-friendly, using nasal (or nasopharyngeal) swab sampling.
- No need for any special instrument,
on-site results in 15 mins


Prevent the virus from spreading!

Rapid Surface

Testing for COVID-19

- Detect in a few steps the virus in common surfaces
- Simple method, on-site results
- Fast procedure (10 mins)
- No special equipment needed




ProGnosis Biotech developed reliable serological tests that determine if an individual has been infected with SARS-CoV-2


4 ELISA kits: a valuable diagnostic tool for scientists and healthcare professionals

– Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV Total Immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgM)

– Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV IgG

– Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV IgM

– Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV IgA


Lateral Flow test:  an easy-to-use method with increased sensitivity & specificity

– Rapid test 2019-nCoV Total Ig



Symmetric Μ1 1000

Lateral Flow Test

- Quantitative determination of
Aflatoxin M1 in milk
- Only 3-min duration
- Limit of Quantification: 70 -1000 ppt
- High accuracy and repeatability
- Visual detection option


Symmetric Histamine

Lateral Flow Test

- The only fully quantitative rapid test
- Highly accurate results
- Optional visual detection limit at 50 ppm
- Fast & Easy protocol (3 mins)
- No acylation process needed


Bio-Shield Histamine


- Accurate & Sensitive Method
- Low procedure time (20 mins)
- High specificity and sensitivity
- No acylation process needed


Bio-Shield and Symmetric methods received excellent results in the FAPAS Proficiency Test
for Histamine in canned fish (August - September 2019)
having a Z-score of 0.3 and - 0.1 respectively


Mycotoxin Determination in Just 5 mins

- Requires only one standard to produce accurate results
- One common extraction for Aflatoxin B1, Total, DON, ZON, Fumonisin
- The most cost-effective ELISA method
- Precise and Stable like a regular ELISA system


One Aqueous Extraction…

...Designed for Accuracy

Symmetric Green is a new, innovative Lateral Flow test series, utilizing state-of-the-art features for the quantitative detection of all the major Mycotoxins (Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, Deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone, Ochratoxin Α, Fumonisin, T-2/HT-2) in grains, nuts, cereals and other commodities including animal feed.

ProGnosis Biotech developed a safe and unified method, with very high accuracy and repeatability in the results, having also extremely low LOD and LOQ. For the first time one aqueous extraction can be used for all the mycotoxins, providing unique advantages to the users in terms of cost and time-saving. Symmetric Green products have also a low procedure time with a 5 minutes protocol for all the mycotoxins.

The aqueous buffer that the Symmetric Green products use for the extraction step, eliminates the adverse effects of organic solvents -such as methanol- on users involved in mycotoxin analysis on a regular basis. This extraction method is also environmentally friendly and in accordance with the basic principles of Green Chemistry regarding the use of less toxic chemicals and the unnecessary use of solvents.

Symmetric Green is a fast and easy method, offering a truly reliable solution to the users within the food safety sector. Symmetric technology, developed by ProGnosis Biotech, employs a revolutionary approach to rapid-testing methods. It is an easy-to-use technology without the need of high specialized personnel or high investment on equipment.

Symmetric Green Series
rapid test quantify results

Quantify your results!

Following a period of rigorous R&D process, ProGnosis Biotech achieved to create a rapid test that can detect and quantify milk from different dairy animals in a sample.

Milk adulteration, a term widely used in the dairy industry to describe milk impurities, is observed in a variety of dairy products and is a common problem of the sector.
Specifically, Prognosis Biotech’s Rapid Test Cow can trace cow’s milk in sheep’s or goat’s milk and Rapid Test Goat can trace goat’s milk in sheep’s milk. Both tests, which are available in a format of 30 or 120 sticks, can quantify results from negative to >2% adulteration, while they can detect just 0.1 % of the mixture in milk (LOD). Quantitative Rapid tests have a low procedure time of 3 minutes producing no false positive-negative results due to the presence of highly selective antibodies.

The new Rapid Tests can easily identify results with more than 50% adulteration while their simple methodology and their clear-easy to interpret results make them suitable for testing in the field as well as in the laboratory.

Moreover, Quantitative Rapid tests can detect milk adulteration in cheese which unfortunately is a common fraud in the dairy industry and results in a final product inferior to that expected by the consumer.


Symmetric Technology

Symmetric Technology
transforms a screening tool
to a confirmatory method *

- Reliable and robust
- Accurate and precise
- Highly sensitive

Symmetric Technology

* Confirmatory methods criteria according COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 519/2014

Symmetric M1 poster

Symmetric Aflatoxin M1

Fall in love with your results..
sensitive, stable and true !

Symmetric technology
A patent-pending, revolutionary approach of Rapid Test


Prognosis Biotech

an innovative Biotechnology Company, specializing in developing in vitro diagnostics for the food safety sector

Rapid Test

Detect as low as
0.1% cow milk adulteration
in just 5 min


Aflatoxin M1 ES

Get Aflatoxin M1 results in compliance with ISO 14675:2003 in just 75 min


Prognosis Biotech

continuously achieves top results in mycotoxin proficiency testing, organized by renowned accredited testing providers.

Is my experimental data correct?

Food Safety.. Ready to use

Food quality labs inside the industry are quite different than biochemistry and R&D labs. People working inside the industry are responsible for various and different tasks. All of these projects run simultaneously and all of them are considered critical for the food safety and quality of the final product. Elisa test is by far considered the most difficult and laborious in contrast to other analytical methods run in routine examinations of food quality.

 Having all that in mind, ProGnosis Biotech is devoted in producing immunological tests that are easy to use, reliable and with a user friendly interpolation of the results. Above all, our products can simplify the Elisa test procedure in order to help the chemist/ food safety scientist.

By having a user friendly method with minimum steps.

Answering with a simplified manner the question Is my experimental data correct?


ProGnosis Biotech is the first company in the biotechnology market that offers the opportunity of taking back the used kits, provides and recycles  components and distributes properly the materials and substances.

ProGnosis Biotech inspires customers to become a part of  ProGnosis recycle chain in Biotechnology.

The “3Rs” term is an acronym for ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.

ProGnosis Biotech promotes the “3Rs” in order to create a sustainable society: a society that pursues environmental protection as well as economic growth.

Reuse Reuse Recycle

Prognosis Biotech difference: every product is a new innovation


Reducing the amount of waste by increasing the efficiency of resource use and extending the useful life of products.


Using the “recyclable resources” from used items again, as products or parts, after giving them proper treatment (“Recyclable resources” are the useful parts or components of waste, used products and byproducts)


Using the “recyclable resources” as the  materials to make new products.

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