ProGnosis Biotech Against COVID-19 (Part 2)


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As the pandemic progresses, we would like to announce our contribution to this battle:

Three recently developed ELISA test kits for the detection of COVID-19 antibodies.

  • Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV IgG
  • Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV IgM
  • Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV Total Immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgM)

ELISA is a highly reliable technique, used around the world for mass screening virus infections in the blood. It is considered to be a simple laboratory method, it can be automated, and the result is obtained in less than 2 hours.

The Bio-Shield 2019-nCoV ELISA kits are optimized for maximum specificity and sensitivity, as there are scientific publications pointing out that some patients develop very low levels of immunoglobulins.

The above products will be available for orders within the next 10 days.

Next in line, will be the announcement of the Lateral Flow Rapid test nCoV series.

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