Mycotoxins Legislation



CommodityΒ1 (ppb)Total (ppb)M1 (ppb)
Cereals, groundnuts, rice, corn for direct consumption ppb4 ppb
Processed cereals a2 ppb4 ppb
Corn, tree nuts, dried fruit f5 ppb10 ppb
Peanuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts for processing8 ppb15 ppb
Almonds, pistachios and apricots for processing12 ppb15 ppb
Hazelnuts and Brazil nuts for direct consumption5 ppb10 ppb
Almonds, pistachios and apricots for direct consumption8 ppb10 ppb
Spices5 ppb10 ppb
Baby food0.1 ppb
Milk50 ppt (0.05 ppb)
Infant formulas25 ppt (0.025 ppb)

Ochratoxin A
CommodityLegislation Limit (ppb)
Wine and grape juice2 ppb
Processed cereals3 ppb
Cereals and raw grains5 ppb
Roasted coffee5 ppb
Soluble coffee, raisins10 ppb
Spices 15 ppb
Liquorice and liquorice root20 ppb
Chilies, pepper30 ppb
Liquorice extract80 ppb
Baby food0.5 ppb

Deoxynivalenol (DON)
CommodityLegislation Limit (ppm)
Bread, pastries, cereal snacks and breakfast cereals0.5 ppm (500 ppb)
Pasta, milling fractions of corn > 500μm0.75 ppm (750 ppb)
Unprocessed cereals & for direct consumption, milling fractions of corn < 500 μm1.25 ppm (1,250 ppb)
Unprocessed durum wheat, oats and corn1.75 ppm (1,750 ppb)
Processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children0.2 ppm (200 ppb)

Fumonisins (B1, B2)
CommodityLegislation Limit (ppm)
Corn-based breakfast cereals and snacks0.8 ppm (800 ppb)
Corn meals and refined corn semolina1 ppm (1,000 ppb)
Milling fractions of corn > 500 μm1.4 ppm (1,400 ppb)
Milling fractions of corn < 500 μm2 ppm (2,000 ppb)
Unprocessed corn, not intended for wet milling4 ppmm (4,000 ppb)
Processed corn-based foods for infants and young children0.2 ppm (200 ppb)

Zearalenone (ZON)
CommodityLegislation Limit (ppb)
Bread and pastries50 ppb
Cereals other than corn75 ppb
Corn for direct consumption and other unprocessed cereals100 ppb
Milling fraction of corn > 500 μm200 ppb
Milling fractions of corn < 500 μm300 ppb
Corn not intended for wet milling350 ppb
Refined corn oil400 ppb
Cereal-based food for infants and young children20 ppb

CommodityLegislation Limit (ppb)
Apple juice, alcoholic drinks50 ppb
Apple products25 ppb
Baby food10 ppb


Aflatoxin B1
Commodity-FoodLimit (ppb)
Feed ingredients50 ppb
Mixed feed for ruminants except young animals50 ppb
Mixed feed for poultry except young animals20 ppb
Other feed10 ppb