Symmetric Fumonisin Green

Symmetric Fumonisin Green

Catalog number: S7024/7048

Symmetric Fumonisin Green is an innovative Lateral Flow test, utilizing state-of-the-art features for the quantitative determination of Fumonisin, in grains, nuts, cereals and other commodities including animal feeds.

Symmetric Fumonisin Green utilizes an ecological buffer for the extraction step with no organic solvents.

General Information:

Fumonisins are a member of the trichothecene mycotoxins poduced by fungi of Fusarium moniliforme (F. verticillioides), F. proliferatum, and several other Fusarium species. Grains including corn, wheat and other cereals are frequently infected by these fungi in the field or during storage. More than ten types of fumonisins have been isolated and characterized. Of these, fumonisin B1 (FB1), B2 (FB2), and B3 (FB3) are the major fumonisins produced. Fumonisins are hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic in all animal species tested. The earliest histological change to appear in either the liver or kidney of fumonisin-treated animals is increased apoptosis followed by regenerative cell proliferation, while the acute toxicity of fumonisin is low, it is the known cause of two diseases which occur in domestic animals with rapid onset: equine leukoencephalomalacia and porcine pulmonary oedema syndrome. Both of these diseases involve disturbed sphingolipid metabolism and cardiovascular dysfunction. Most controlling government agencies worldwide have regulations regarding the amount of FB1, and FB2 allowable in human and animal foodstuffs. Accurate and rapid determination of Fumonisins presence in commodities is of paramount importance.


Lateral flow characteristics:

■ Lateral flow in dip stick format available in 24 and 48 test sticks

■ Limit of detection (LOD): 0.05 ppm Fumonisin

■ Range of quantification: 0.07 – 3 ppm Fumonisin

■ Highly accurate results

■ Low procedure time (5 min)

■ Shelf Life: 12 months

■ Storage 2-8 °C

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