Bio-Shield Ochratoxin 10

Bio-Shield Ochratoxin 10

Catalog number: B5448/B5496

Bio-Shield Ochratoxin is an ELISA test for the determination of Ochratoxin in grains, nuts, cereals, spices, and other commodities such as animal feed. The method has a very fast protocol of 10 mins, being highly accurate and stable.

General Information:

Ochratoxins are a group of mycotoxins produced by some Aspergillus species (mainly A. ochraceus, but also by 33% of A. niger industrial strains) and some Penicillium species, especially P. verrucosum and P. carbonarius. Ochratoxin A (OTA) is the most prevalent and relevant fungal toxin of this group, while ochratoxins B and C are of lesser importance.

OTA is a potent nephrotoxin and causes both acute and chronic effects in the kidneys of all mammalian species tested. It is also genotoxic (damages DNA) and teratogenic (damages the foetus) and is considered a probable carcinogen, causing renal carcinoma and other cancers in a number of animal species.

Most controlling government agencies worldwide have regulations regarding the amount of aflatoxins allowable in human and animal foodstuffs. The accurate and rapid determination of Ochratoxin presence in commodities is therefore quite important.


ELISA kit characteristics:

■ Competitive Quantitative ELISA test with single-break strip plate with 48 wells (6 strips) or 96 wells (12 strips)

■ Low procedure time: 10 min

■ Limit of detection (LOD): 1.5 ppb

■ Wide range of quantification: 2-40 ppb

■ High specificity and sensitivity

■ All reagents are in ready to use format

■ Shelf Life: 12 months | Storage 2-8 °C

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