Symmetric Technology

Symmetric Technology

transforms a screening tool to a confirmatory method*

Reliable and robust

Accurate and precise

Highly sensitive

After an intensive 4-year R&D investment, the newly-launched Symmetric Technology bears unprecedented characteristics in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and stability. Designed and manufactured in Europe, Symmetric Technology is adjusted to the most sophisticated and demanding legislation currently in action around the globe.

First applied on Mycotoxins, Symmetric Technology signifies the transition of Lateral-flow sticks from being a low-esteemed screening tool into a reliable confirmatory method. To this day, Lateral-flow tests demonstrate CV’s of 20-40%, which are considerably higher than the equivalent ones of ELISA and HPLC. The Symmetric series can achieve a Coefficient of Variation lower than 8% within the critical area of interest, which is defined in every mycotoxin according to the existent legislation.

According to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 519/2014, specific criteria are set in order to define a method as a confirmatory one; these criteria are met, for the first time by a Lateral-flow test, by the Symmetric series.

Strick Quality control is implemented through a 3-level approach:

  • More than 20% of each lot is used on internal evaluation control
  • Every lot produced is tested with Certified Reference Materials
  • ProGnosis Biotech and clients-users participate in Proficiency Tests organized by the most highly-esteemed European providers, such as Fapas, AIA, BIPEA and DRRR

* Confirmatory methods criteria according COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 519/2014

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