1-Standard | ELISA Series

1-Standard ELISA Series

an innovative method for mycotoxin analysis




Developed by ProGnosis Biotech, 1-Standard ELISA series is a new innovative ELISA method using a precalibrated curve for the quantification of mycotoxins.

Unlike the regular ELISA system that needs to have several standards for an accurate quantification method, the 1-standard ELISA requires only the first (toxin-free) standard.

The main advantage of the regular ELISA is that sometimes small or even bigger variations of the individual experiment (time delays or temperature variations) are the same both for the standards and the samples. Consequently, their impact on the results is minimized.

The 1-standard ELISA series still uses a toxin- free standard in order to provide the same advantage in terms of accuracy. The precalibrated standard curve of the 1-Standard method was run multiple times in ProGnosis Biotech facilities and following a thorough examination and validation it is unique for every lot. The user can download the precalibrated curve on Prognosis Data reader.

The innovative Mycotoxin-free 5-minute ELISA system, using one standard and pre-calibrated curve, gives great recovery and CV%. Using a single extraction, the rapid toxin-free method is effortless, accurate and cost-effective, providing unique advantages in the quantification of mycotoxins.