S-Flow reader

Manufactured by Lateral Logic LTD, the S-Flow reader provides a quantitative analysis of lateral flow test strips

  • Precise and fast scanning process
  • High throughput: can read up to six strips at a time in just a few seconds
  • Capable to read different product test strips simultaneously
  • Simple procedure that does not require any special training
  • Easy way to place the strips on the plate
  • Compatible with all the lateral flow tests manufactured by Prognosis Biotech

* Lateral Logic LTD is a subsidiary company of Prognosis Biotech providing innovative software and technology services

One step Incubator


  • One-button functionality
  • Equipped with aluminum heating units and an analogue/ digital temperature control.
  • 30 programs included depending on the incubation times of each product
  • Fixed incubation temperature at 40 °C for all products
  • Compatible with a test-top device for a double incubation process

Digital QR scanner

An easy-to-use QR code reader that enables the automatic load of products’ calibration settings

  • Connects via a USB cable or Bluetooth technology

Professional Suitcase

ProGnosis Biotech provides to its customers with an elegant and durable suitcase that can fit all the necessary equipment for a laboratory experiment.

Space for:

  • S-flow reader
  • Laptop
  • One-step incubator and the test top
  • Mini-centrifuge
  • QR code reader
  • Pipettes & tips