About us


We are a European Biotech company specialized in Elisa & Lateral Flow Test with one and sole goal: to provide solutions with cutting-edge diagnostics tests for the dairy, food and feed industries

Accuracy through innovation

is ProGnosis ’ polestar achieved by producing swift reliable and innovative immunochemical tests

How it all began

A solid idea, the expertise to support it and the passion to implement it are the pillars of this company.

ProGnosis Biotech was founded in 2010 after a conversation among friends. An idea was shared but passion and persistence needed in order to implement it. In the rapidly expanded market of dairy, food and feed products, Prognosis Biotech has achieved to possess a leading role in the food diagnostics industry.

ProGnosis Biotech develops and manufactures next-generation immunoassays for the food & feed industries. It is a Greek company headquartered in Larissa with presence in Thessaloniki, Madrid and Beijing.

Key Milestones

2010: An idea sprang from a gathering among friends

2011: Establishment of ProGnosis Biotech

2012: First product launched (Bio-Shield Goat)

2012: Certified with ISO 9001:2015

2013: With Bio-Shield Elisa Series we target Aflatoxin

2014: Rapid Test Cow is introduced. Quantification of cow’s milk in 3 min

2016: Expansion to new markets (China, Spain, Italy)

2017: Introduction of Symmetric Technology

2017: Establishment of Lateral Logic

2018: One extraction of mycotoxins achieved

2018: New headquarters, new legal form

2018: External validation (ILVO) for Bio-Shield M1 ES & Symmetric M1 Series

2018: Best Biotechnology product award of the year

2019: Expansion to new industries (seafood)